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On the Mark Golf Podcast

Broadcaster, author, college coach and leading golf instructor Mark Immelman brings you golf tips, drills and interviews from the PGA TOUR. Mark is also the older brother of 2008 Masters champion Trevor Immelman.

May 13, 2022

Erik Barzeski brings both an extensive scientific understanding as well as a history of teaching to his golf instruction. Recognized as a Golf Digest “Best Young Teacher in America” in 2017 and a Golf Digest “Best in State” instructor in 2017-2020, Erik is the Director of Instructor Development for 5SK® and co-authored the golf instruction book "Lowest Score Wins."

He joins On the Mark to help you to improve your golf by becoming a better student and lesson-taker. Erik shares 6 (of 13) ideas that, if applied, will certainly help you to make you lessons, and practice, more fruitful.

Among various concepts he discusses: Making changes and dealing with the different "feels", Understanding concepts and Question-asking, Managing speeds - emotionally and physically, Being patient with expectation and results, Lesson frequency and Working on one element at time.